Why Choose Organic?

It is not a Matter of Money
Inorganic farming is killing us in many ways.  Two of the categories are:


* Farmers began using pesticides, hormones, and drugs after WWII.
* Run off pollutes our streams, aqueducts, and oceans (water supplies)
* Industrial farmers view infestations as a bug problem further killing/depleting the soil
* Organic farmers correct the weakness (soil) to strengthen against the infestation
* Nitrates, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, and nickel are but a few of the known carcinogens used in pesticides.
* There is over 600 pesticides in common use with only 41 being tested for.  Problems are diagnosed by “risk assessment,” meaning after a large amount of people are harmed the chemical is deemed dangerous.
* Less than 4% of our produce is tested


* One of the most common allergies (wheat) may actually be due to the pesticides
* Produce is often dipped in chemicals/pesticides
* Symptoms increase as we move up the food chain
* Ground beef is the most medicated
* Followed by meat, dairy, fish, and eggs

* Children are the most sensitive
* Commercial baby foods pose one of the greatest risks
* Childhood symptoms range from immune compromised flu-like to brain damage
* Organic foods have FAR greater nutrient values
* Pesticides interfere with the orderly digestion, transportation, incorporation, and utilization of nutrients
* Some of the adult symptoms that have been linked to pesticide resides include:
o 50% lower sperm count
o Testicular cancer
o Malignant breast cancers are 11X’s more common in women showing high levels
o Mental retardation
o Toxic genetic chemical poisoning can mimic brain hemorrhage, hypoglycemia, heat stroke, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, and asthma


“Certified organic” guarantees the product is grown or raised and handled according to strict procedures using accepted organic farming methods.

Nothing neutralizes the chemical residues or increases the nutritional values of these items.  Optimal quality food ensures optimal nutrition and well being.  The cost on quality of life and extensive medical care is far greater than the extra pennies for quality food!  You decide, is it worth it?