A Personal Message from Dr. V

Many times, the practioner gets all the information about a patient, but the patient knows very little about the practitioner.  I'd like to share my personal health story with you, and you can get to know me a bit better.

My full name is Dr. Scott James Vrzal, and I was born in Los Altos, California.  I graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1993 after my undergrad in Saratoga and Long Beach, California.  I have an amazing, devoted, hard working wife, Kim; and three fantastic, very healthy and happy daughters, Kylie, Alora, and Jose.  Behind faith and family, I am an avid exerciser.  I sincerely enjoy riding bikes and do at least 3 to 6 grueling century (100K) redes per year.  I have successfully compted in bodybuilding and bike racing.  I try to incorporate my beautiful girls in exercise whenever possible.  Staying active in family, fitness and church help me to be completely focused during my time with patients.

I orginally was inspired to be a healing practitioner when my life was transformed at two separate junctures.  First, I realized that the delicious doughnuts I was enthusiastically consuming were causing many of my health, discipline and study problems.  I learned that they would eventually cause me to need daily, painful shots, so I stopped eating all refined sugar at age 14.  I later began to be completely debilitated with vicious, pounding, and multi-day headaces.  They robbed me of the activities that had originally brought me such joy.  I was in hopeless despair when I was told that the pain was "in my head" and to see a psychiatrist because I did not have an aneurism.  I felt stifled, stuck, and lost.

Second, I'll never forget how light, unstressed, and free I felt on the way home from my first chiropractic treatment.  With continued care, I learned about health and felt stronger than I ever had before.  With my already voracious appetite for fitness, coupled with my desire to never experience pain like that again, holistic Chiropractic was my uncontested choice in career.

I've chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because I know of no greater joy than to be a part of transforming lives.  It's sad that people are often stifled, hopeless, limited or suffering needlessly.  It deeply touches my soul to help them.  I am grateful I chose this life because these gifts and life experiences have provided me the opportunity to have a dramatic impact on many wonderful lives with my problem-solving breakthrough system.

I believe with all my heart that my unique practice provides Southern California with the highest quality holistic health care.  I integrate bio-mechnical, nutritional, and environmental wellness plus mental/emotional stress reduction techniques - all developed by the greatest minds in these fields.  All this helps you to live a vibrant, healthy, and productive life.  I promise to give you 110% of my abilities and focus in a loving, honest, "in your best interest" manner.  I pray that you will be changed in a wonderfully profound way.

Yours for better health,

Dr. Scott Vrzal