Digestive/Immune Health

The heart of the body's ability to stay healthy is the immune system, and the heart of the immune system is the digestive system.

A key factor in keeping the digestive system functioning well is related to the food we eat.  Not all foods are good for every person, and not all the common "bad" foods are bad for every person.  It is best to find the foods that benefit you personally.

We find the optimal eating plan for you by starting with your blood type.  We also use the science of kinesiology to help your body indicate which foods are good for you.  By combining these methods, we can optimize your digestion, help heal digestive issues, and ensure your intestinal system is able to do its best to ward off disease and infection.

Food is one environmental factor that can affect your overall health.  Other environmental factors are chemicals you ingest in processed foods or drinks, pollutants and irritants you breathe, and substances that touch or are absorbed by the skin.  Our unique diagnostics can safely and quickly find environmental factors that may be the source of your problem.  Once we know what the cause is, we can then develop a wellness plan based on your system and health profile .