What Makes Applied Kinesiology so Effective?

The proper functioning of humans is clearly the most challenging puzzle.  Within this puzzle are many pieces or systems.  There are cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, hormonal, musculoskeletal, and digestive systems within the larger human puzzle.  Other pieces that have relevant function here are the acupuncture and mental/emotional systems.  Dysfunction in any one of these systems will have broad reaching effects on all the other functioning systems.  Many physicians tend to be “specialists” in one of these pieces. A holistic approach to health care would conversely consider all pieces and the effect they would have on the greater puzzle.  The clinical, therapeutic pieces consist of structural, chemical, emotional, or acupuncture/pressure.

· Structural :  Structural corrections are often aimed at facilitating nervous system function.  Included are various forms of safe and gentle corrections of the musculoskeletal system.  This is the arena in which the various forms of chiropractic are highly effective.  Structural correction is often beneficial in trauma or repetitive injuries.

· Chemical :  There are two levels of the chemical puzzle. High or excesses are hypersensitivity or allergic type reactions, inappropriate reactions to food or environmental elements can be desensitized.  The opposite is a nutritional deficiency.  This can be caused by a lack of proper foods, eating too much highly processed foods or even inappropriate vitamin supplementation.  Problems that continue to get worse, consist of inflammation, or have a hormonal component often require nutritional intervention.

· Emotion a l :  “Stress” is often used as an excuse for the inability to reach optimum health.  It does not have to be.  Most are aware that the body has the ability to structurally store emotional “baggage.”  This can be experienced as tight knots in various muscles, poor posture, or inappropriate reactions to harmless stimuli.  There are multiple ways of gently desensitizing one to the harmful effects of emotional traumas.  Problems that one “just woke up with,” get worse under stress, or the inability to hold an adjustment often poses a very treatable emotional component.

· Acupressure :  The meridian system is based on literally thousands of years of study in eastern countries.  It is a measurable energy flow through and over the entire body.  There are multiple ways of stimulating the points along these energy pathways that have been found to facilitate virtually every body system and function.  Problems that recur at similar times during the day, are constant, or seasonal occurrences often have an acupressure component.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic approach, which incorporates all of these therapies.  Every person and “condition” is entirely unique and requires investigation into the true cause of his or her limiting factors.  Listening to the accurate description of how and when the problem evolved is a critical component in the investigation process that will help the kinesiologist get to the core issue. With a detailed exam the applied kinesiologist can then identify the missing piece(s) and apply the appropriate therapy.   All treatments will consist of corrections in structure, chemical, emotional, and/or acupressure and may also include suggesting changes in one’s life style for immediate and lasting results.

We at the Sports Care Center are able to treat the “whole” person for optimum balance in true health care victories.  When the doctor and patient work as a cohesive team many miracles can be accomplished.  We work diligently at putting all the pieces together for prompt, profound, and long standing results in an endless array of health challenges.