Rachel Barnett After months of stomach problems, feeling like I had a flu virus, changing my diets several times with no change, finally started an Intestinal repair supplement, vitamins plus a special diet..feel like a million bucks! Thanks DrScott Vrzal :-)

Adrianne Grant I just want to tell you I put your website on my facebook page. I haven't felt this great in years. I am really getting my life back. Thank you for helping me it was a tremendous blessing.

Nyla Crider CT Scan results came back from the medical doctor today.DrScott Vrzal told me the problem, but I just had to be sure it wasn't cancer again! The cancer has not returned! Praise God! The medical doctor has no idea why I was having pain in my kidney. However, Dr. V did! The herbal supplement he gave me has almost relieved all of my pain. A few more weeks and I should feel like new again! Love the natural way! It's cheaper and easier on my body. I will not have another CT again! Dr. V all the way!


Dan Mixon writes, "I have been having chronic bi-lateral hip, knee and leg pain... My blood pressure has gradually increased... Daily, for about 3 years... I have been to 2 orthopedic specialists, pain management specialist, acupuncture, 3 pairs of custom orthotics, 2 rounds of physical therapy, and 6 weeks of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain. I have taken many medications as well as OTC gels and ointments for pain... The injury has changed my life... Unable to deal with the severity of the pain, I was terminated. I have great difficulty just doing simple tasks... Just getting dressed and showering has become a challenge." What do you think was the main therapy we offered to Dan? Dr.'s you are welcome to join in.

We put Dan on a product called Prophyrazyme by Biotics. It was used to reduce the toxic amounts of mercury his body was dealing with. Mercury can cause low seratonin, which can cause depression, can inhibit the thyroid, and even compromise bone integrity or lead to recurring bladder infections. It WAS causing many physical symptoms for him. On 4/5/12 Dan wrote, "I feel that I have received more positive results in 2 months with Dr. V than the prior 3 years. I feel I am finally headed in the right direction." We added a multi mineral formula (MultiMins) recently and he is nearing work reintroduction:-) What a blessing it is to be able to offer hope and give back a life. PTL


RoseAnne Pastizzo Rivoli Thanks Dr. V, I am feeling so much better...You are the man!!

"i'm really stoked. With your help in the office, supplements, cuttting out most sugar, excercise & watching food intake i feel much better." FYI David lost 4.4% body fat in just 10 weeks. His insulin went from a scary, 187 to a normal 94! Keep up the great discipline David.

Windy Baldridge Thank you! This is the first month I haven't wanted to rip my ovaries and uterus out too. Amazing what the stomach affects.

Courtney Marie Barr

Brilliant lecture and demo by Dr. V tonight! Such an inspiration to see so many effective modalities seamlessly put together to treat patients! So excited students at my school were able to be exposed to something that has personally changed my life! I am so thankful for everything I have been through that has led me to this journey in my life! I am forever grateful to DrScott Vrzal for everything you have done for me. Words can't express how appreciative I am that you were brought into my life to help heal me and inspire me to help others. Thank you!

Testimony from Josie

Michele Harnish

Just want to tell you that Charles has not had a migraine since we saw you! We moved exclusively to Trader Joe's and have eliminated "most" food dyes. Thanks so much for helping us help our boy! Really grateful we don't have to experience his migraines and him in such pain! I hate MSG!!! :)))

Suzi Donahoe

Dr. Scott,

Thank you for Glysen.  It is wonderful.  My energy level is the best it’s been in years 10.  It has also helped my focus and memory.  I went to a retreat this weekend and talked with a friend who has  7 great kids who she home schools.  One of her daughters has OCD.  I gave her your information and told how you had helped Kristina with her racing mind using a spray twice a day – it was amazing how we could see her slow down, focus and relax in just a week.

God has gifted you with incredible ability to diagnose symptoms that are a mystery to the medical profession. Thank you for teaching us how to eat for our blood type.  When we are bad, we now can see the immediate negative effects in  pain, and lethargy.

Love, Suzi and Jack


Dori Gilbert Quotes, "Dr. V showed me how tweaking my food choices will help me sleep better."

Samuel Edwards quoted today, "I want to thank you for showing me how much life I have been missing." Samuel was skeptical starting out, and is now losing weight, no longer has heart burn, allergies, or high blood pressure... And it has only been 3 weeks! His father, the referrer is no longer expected to need weekly kidney dialysis as his kidney's are functioning far better. PTL
Dr. V

Dr. Scott,
Yeeess! The A F Beta worked really well!! Took it that evening, as suggested, and woke up pain free in the right leg. Worked on a ladder, scrapping a wallpaper boarder, and many other activities. Almost too much. I was waiting a day to see if the effects lasted and they did. (I had my first fishing derby, Thursday, and stood in a boat for 4 hours). When I had my 2 week check with Dr. Smith, I was walking so well, he didn't even need to check my recovery.

Thanks again,


Robyn Seymour

Hi Doc - I wanted to thanks you for helping Cortney today... this has been a challenge of mine for a while and I am so excited to see her take personal responsibility for her health. At 21 years old, she is on a great path and your taping a seed to her hand AND EXPLAINING IT SO WELL when she was 14 is the key to her now looking to take charge of her body! Thanks.

Judy A. Van Gorder Hey Doc V. Guess who got a perfect blood work up? And picture perfect Cholestrol #'s??? Yup! Me.... Thank you! It felt great telling the doctor I don't take any Med's. She asked me what I do? I told her Blood type diet along with vitamins. She knew about the diet and has read the book you sell, her last words were "Guess I should go ba...ck on it" I've had a smile on my face all day.  

Beth Hewel Paulson  I'm feeling better and better by the hour. Thanks so much to you and Kim for helping me out. I'll be setting an appointment for my husband next week.  

Jessica slept 8 hours last night! It is the first time in 8 years that she slept through the night! Thanks for helping her!

Norma Mermel states, "I always feel so blessed when I leave here!"

K Purvis

I was in a very severe & critical state when I was 1st referred to Dr V. He was literally my last hope. I refused to believe that I had to succumb to the archaic Western medicine's solutions to ...treatment. In my case they wanted to put me through chemo & radiation and weren't even sure if it would help! My dear friend set up the appt for me, I showed up and did EVERYTHING Dr V recommended. I changed my diet, I took my supplements ALL of them exactly as he told me and truly BELIEVED - I was going to be well and here I am today, healthier than I've been in probably 20 years!!!

Nyla Crider Bryce is doing really well! It is like he is a new kid! His attention during school is soooo much better! We are so greatful! He can tell a difference too! He is just as excited as we are! We are telling all our friends about you and your work! Thanks!

William Jordan

Yet another friend I've sent you now calls you the miracle doctor! Thank you for always finding the root of a health problem instead of just treating the symptoms!


Denise Buskirk

Hey Dr. V~ I have lost 10 pounds since we have been working on the adrenals and the plantar fasciitis is at bay, walking every morning at 6:30am.... No heel pain! Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Nic Rodriguez Thanks so much Dr V, I feel great now! Amazing