Toxic Metals and there sources


ALUMINIUM Antiperspirants, Deodorants, Salt,  Tin cans, skin lotions, Aluminum foil, In tap water as a deflocculant and softener,    Food additives, Antacids, Aluminium cooking utensils, Baking powder, Anti inflammatory and pain medicines, Douches.

ANTIMONY Eye liner, Cot liners

ARSENIC Pesticides and herbicides, Stain resistant material, Wallpaper, Photocopier toner, Coal fired power plants,            Smelters, Some marine plants and seafood's, Laundry aids, Beer, Salt, Tobacco smoke, Smog, Bone meal, Dolomite,  Kelp, Sheep dip

BARIUM Lipstick, Diesel exhaust, Polluted water, Barium meals

BERYLLIUM Hurricane lamps, Lawn mowers, Paraffin, Nuclear industry, Dental appliances

BISMUTH Cologne, Stomach antacids

CADMIUM Water running through old metal pipes, Water softener, Cigarette smoke, Air pollution, Seafood, Teas, Bone meal, Oxide dusts, Paints, Welding, Fertilizer, Fungicides, Pesticides, Refined grains, Rice, Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks

CESIUM Clear as glass plastic, Water running through plastic hoses, Nuclear industry

CHROMIUM Eyebrow pencil, Water softener salts, Dental appliances

COBALT Washing powder, Dishwasher detergent, Mouthwash, Cyanocobalamin coloring in pharmaceuticals, Some beers

COPPER Water running through copper pipes, Jewelry, Beer, Copper Cookware, Pasteurized milk, Hair permanents, Swimming pools, Insecticides, Wine from grapes sprayed with copper Sulphate

ERBIUM Plastic dental composites, Vitamin and mineral  Supplements, Aluminum foil

GALLTIJM Dental appliances

GOLD Amalgams, Jewelry

HAFNIUM Nail polish, Hair spray

HOLIUM Hand cleaners

IRIDIUM Dental appliances

LANTHANUM Photocopier toner

LEAD Hair color restorer and rinses, Water running through lead pipes and those that have lead solder connections, Leaded  fuels, Canned goods, Paint, Newsprint, Colored print, Dolomite, Soft coal, Leaded glass, Ceramic glazes,  Pewter ware, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Pottery, Cosmetics, Tobacco smoke, Air Pollution, Rubber toys, Storage Batteries, Canned fruit, Bone meal

MERCURY Dental amalgams, Sanitary towels, Cotton balls, Dental  floss, Toothpicks, Cotton buds, Paints, Explosives, Batteries, Mercurial diuretics, Fungicides, Fluorescent lamps, Cosmetics, Hair dyes, Salt, Manufacture and delivery of petroleum, Fish from contaminated water, Sewage sludge, methyl mercury, chlorine bleaches, Fabric softeners, laxatives containing calomel, Hemorrhoid suppositories, Polishes, Wood preservers, Latex, Solvents,  Plastics, Inks used by printers and tattooist, Some paints

NICKEL Metal jewelry, Glasses frames, Metal watch bands, Detal fillings and retainers, Cooking utensils, Nickel/Cadmium batteries, Cosmetics, Industrial exposure, Hydrogenated oils, Welding, Permanent waves, Ceramic industry, Superphosphate fertilizers, tobacco smoke

NIOBIUM Many medications

PALADIUM Dental appliances

PLATINUM Catalytic converters, Jewelry

POLLONIUM Radioactive isotope of lead

RADIUM Nuclear industry, Luminescent clocks

RADON From leaks in flooring of houses in high radon regions  (granite and limestone)

RHENIUM Spray starch

SILVER Amalgams, Table ware

STRONTIUM Toothpaste

TERBIUM Plastic dental composites, Vitamin and mineral supplements, Aluminum foil

THALLIUM Dental amalgams, Sanitary towels, Cotton balls, Dental floss, Toothpicks, Cotton buds

THORIUM From leaks in flooring of houses in high thorium regions

THULIUM Ester C supplements

TIN Toothpaste (Stannum fluoride), Industrial waste

TITANIUM Face powder, Metal dental appliances, food dyes

TUNGSTEN Corroded rods in water heaters, Electric frying pans, Hair curlers, Toasters, Kettles

URANIUM From leaks in flooring of houses in high radon regions (granite and limestone), Nuclear industry

VANADIUM Leaky pipes to gas stoves, Boilers, Water heaters, Diesel fuel, Candles

YTTERBRIUM Plastic dental composites, Vitamin and mineral supplements, Aluminum foil

ZIRCONIUM Tea bags, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Cosmetics,