Clinical Nutrition

Improve Your Potential Through Nutrition
Life is a gift; health is a responsibility.

Accepting that optimal health is for the most part a choice; a working knowledge of how to attain it becomes necessary. It is all a matter of chemistry and an individualized approach to balancing becomes the goal. The practitioners here at the Sports Care Center recognize this.
The staff will discuss with you the effects of different foods on health, and how our individual blood types respond favorably or unfavorably to various foods. These interactions can affect hormone levels, energy levels, body composition, mobility, and immunity, to name a few. There is also some predictability with regard to risk factors for the different blood types, and where you may be headed if dietary changes are not made.

Attainable goals are set in several areas, along with a plan of action to move forward with improved lifestyle choices.

Implementing these changes, along with the combined support of the Sports Care Center team will produce impressive changes in you.