About Us

At Vrzal Chiropractic, we use a unique Four Dimensional System of care.  We are really excited abou the tremendous results we get with many problem cases that other health systems are not able to help.  Our breakthrough system of four levels of health and vitality:

  • Unlock vital nerve function for healing from within using safe and gentle chiropractic care

  • Optimize foods and other environmental factors to eliminate symptoms, and support wellness naturally
  • Heal nutritional imbalances with doctor prescribed supplements, to support tissues, organs, and the digestive system
  • Release damaging emotional stress and tension from the subconscious mind and from the body with a powerful breaktrhough system called NET

    These four dimensions - Structural - Environmental - Nutritional - Emotional - are the building blocks that you need to keep in balance.  What we offer is a way to understand what is out of balance, and to find natural, safe, and non-intrusive ways to balance them.